Connected with language

SKLZ offers training in four languages

German, French, Dutch and English.



We offer flexible individual and group training programs for employees and employee groups in the private and public sector. We also offer language courses for individuals.

We organize language courses focusing on your needs and your work

Languages are the key to new cultures and businesses and will help you to communicate across cultures.


With German, French, Dutch and English, you go further in both regional as well as international situations.



One of the most significant business economies in Europe is Germany, Belgium’s number one export land. German is the most spoken native language in Europe after Russian.


French is one of the most often learned foreign languages throughout almost the entire world. Beyond Belgium and France, you can communicate without great difficulty in French, above all in the south of Europe and Africa.


Although Dutch is the native language of a minority, it is a particularly important minority for Western Europe and an even more important minority for Belgium.


English is clearly the worldwide language of business. Good knowledge of English is today a 'must' in work and business life.